A little peek of my Story

One night they had just gotten back from the movies and Damian decided to hang around a little while. This past 2 weeks the tension between them had multiplied. She couldn’t stand being around him. Her heart beats so fast she couldn’t control herself. She was sweating and couldn’t speak right. It was like she was under his spell.  At that very moment he came up from behind her and turned her towards him. She froze. “What are u so afraid of?” he asked as he moved her hair out of her face. She wanted to tell him…… how she was afraid of being hurt. Afraid of being used and afraid of how the demons in her head might destroy him if she got to close. But before she could speak Damian had grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer. They were staring into each others eyes. That was the moment her whole world stopped. She could feel her heartbeat and his. She felt his warm lips against hers. She felt so safe like no one could hurt her, not even the darkness in her mind.  After their memorable first kiss, Damian kissed her forehead to show that he cared about her and that she did not need to be afraid.